My Christmas Wishes for You

by Joe Plemon on December 23, 2011

With Christmas only two days away, any financial tips are a bit too late in coming.  If you saved up and paid cash for your Christmas, good for you.  On the other hand, if you are already dreading that next credit card statement, that is probably not so good.  Either way, what’s done is done, so let’s move ahead with some wishes.

I wish you the resolve to not repeat the mistakes you made this year.

If you didn’t make any mistakes, skip on to the next wish.  However, if you overspent, created new debt and justified it all by saying, “It’s Christmas!  My family and friends are expecting it!  Everyone does it.”, then I wish for you to experience a revelation:  everyone doesn’t do it.  Your family and friends will somehow survive Christmas 2012 if you spend within your means.  Decide today to do so.

I wish you the wonders of childhood.

Yes, this sounds sappy, but Christmas is a season of wonders.  My wish is that you will squeal with delight over the many lighting displays and that a sparkling icicle or the bite of a frosty morning breath will stir some deep childhood memories.  Go ahead: catch a snowflake on your tongue or make a snow angel.  I wish you the delight of absorbing the thrills and innocence your own children and grandchildren are experiencing this season.

I wish you the true Christmas experience.

In December of 1971, as a soldier in Viet Nam, I wrote these words to my 8 year old sister: “Enjoy all of your presents, but remember the real meaning of Christmas is Jesus because he gave more to earth than any man in history.  OK?”  Why do I know the exact quote?  Because my mom sent that letter to the Mt Vernon Register News, then saved the clipping for me when it was published.  It was my first published writing, but I digress…I wish you the same thing I wished my sister all those years ago.

Here is Wishing You a Merry Christmas!


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