Mexico…A Short Term Mission Trip

by Joe Plemon on October 18, 2009

Mexico mission 158
Creative Commons License photo credit: Nate.Lampa

It is 3:00 Friday afternoon as I write this post. I am leaving in 13 hours (4:00 AM) to head out on a short term mission trip in Mexico. These one week trips have become annual events that I look forward to every year. I have mountain top memories of accompanying the high school youth groups on such trips when my children were in high school. Sharing a love for some very special people…people who teach us over and over again that it is possible to be happy without lots of stuff…rates at the top of anything I have ever done in my life. Actually, I had not gone on a trip for a few years when last year my youngest son Jonathan, now 29 years old, challenged me to go. He had already signed up and I was not going to allow him to one-up me, so the “old man” went along. While I am realistic enough to know that we couldn’t re-create those mountain top experiences of years ago, I also knew that we could create new memories. And we did. The trip, the ministry and the relationships, especially with the children (we host a VBS every day) was a new mountain top itself.

So, I am leaving for a new experience in just a few hours. I am excited, not knowing what to expect, but expecting good things. And yes, Jonathan is going again this year. Good father-son stuff!

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