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by Joe Plemon on October 11, 2009

It was nearly three years ago that my son Jonathan bought a broken down vintage Craftsman style home. He dreamed of restoring the house to its former glory and has done a great job. Today, after new roof, new plumbing, new wiring, new kitchen, additional bathroom, new drywall, new ceilings, new soffits, new gutters, new exterior paint and considerable landscaping, Jonathan’s house was featured (one of three in our county) in the annual home tour.

We are proud of Jonathan for tackling such a daunting task, for it is a metaphor of the lives we live…no matter how broken they may get, we have hope because our owner (Jesus Christ) wants us restored. Yes, we can be daunting projects, but He desires to see in us the glory we were created for.

Some posts I have enjoyed this week:

  • Jeff Rose explains something most of know about and yet don’t understand the nuances in What Are Mortgage Points and Should I Buy Them? A must read for anyone considering a home loan.
  • Craig Ford writes in Moolamony about 21 Financial Lessons Learned From the Economic Events of 2008-2009. Because these are lessons learned in the school of life, Craig rightly places high value on them.  After all, school isn’t cheap!  Some of these may surprise you, especially if you are a hyperactive personality type.
  • Help Your Child Manage Credit at CNN Money points out that new legislation due to take effect in February prohibits credit cards to those under 21 unless they have an adult co-signer or proof of means to cover payments.  The dilemma: should you co-sign?  While I don’t agree with the writer’s plan to try to get your college student  into a credit card, at least there are some safeguards offered. Something to think about.
  • Peter at Bible Money Matters gives us 10 Attributes of the Perpetually Broke.  These observations are insightful….sort of a “don’t do” list for those who would like to build wealth.  And ANY of the attributes can sidetrack an otherwise good financial plan.
  • In Credit Cards Close ’em, Shred ’em, Forget ’em, Matt shares how he takes the plunge and actually shreds his credit cards.  I completely agree with his actions and his rationale, but all readers don’t.  You have to follow the comment stream.
  • Bob at Christian PF gives some very practical tips in 5 Ways To Save on Insuarance. I appreciate the way he prefaces the article by warning us that in our zeal to save on premiums we may unwisely underinsure.
  • And a movie review on “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs” by Len Penzo, or should I say his daughter Nina and his son Matthew.   Cleverly done, with a glimpse into not only the movie but the Penzo household.  Will I take my grandchildren?  Hmmm.

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