Coincidence or Providence?

by Joe Plemon on January 27, 2012

Although I am NOT a “name it and claim it" Christian, I believe God is actively at work in my life. I also believe that Jesus’ words, “… give and it will be given to you" are still applicable today. Where am I going with this? I recently experienced an amazing convergence of two seemingly unrelated events: a mission trip sponsorship request and a negotiation with an advertiser for my blog. Were they coincidence of providence? Read on.

First the mission trip request.

A friend recently sent me a letter asking me to consider helping sponsor her for an upcoming inner city mission trip. As I read the request, I immediately knew that I wanted to help, but (as is my penchant) I procrastinated. The letter laid on my desk for at least a week, but I always seemed to have something more pressing to do.

Secondly, the advertiser.

My negotiations with a potential advertiser had come to a halt: after my most recent counter offer, I had heard nothing from him…for weeks. I therefore assumed it was a dead deal.

Now: the event.

After shuffling the mission request letter on my desk for the nth time, I decided to act on it. I re-read the request, opened my checkbook, and gave an amount that I felt that I should give. I stuck the check into the included envelope, stood up, walked to our front hallway, put a stamp on it and posted it in our mailbox. I then walked back into my office to notice that while I was posting the letter, I had received a new email …from my advertiser…agreeing to my last counter offer, which happened to be ten times the amount I sent for the mission trip.

I immediately knew that this was one of those “God things". No, I am not getting weird, but I do believe that God was showing me that He wants to bless me, especially when I bless others. Do I believe that I discovered a magic formula to untold riches? Of course not. Will I expect such amazing timing with future gifts? Not necessarily.

All I know is this: on that day, at that moment in time, I gave and I received. It may never happen like that again, but this remarkable event has caused me to realize that, over the years, God has given and given and given to me. I have a family who loves and respects me in spite of myself, a gracious church family who continually supports and encourages me, and a few close friends who will stick with me through good times and bad.

A few unexpected bucks only punctuates what God has already been doing.

Providence? Absolutely! Coincidence? No way.

Readers: When unexpected and unorchestrated events occur in your life, do you tend to attribute them to providence or coincidence?


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