Are You in a Battle? If so, What is Your Heart’s Desire?

by Joe Plemon on September 11, 2009

when you're all alone
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Psa 20:4

” May he grant you your heart’s desire and fulfill all your plans!”

Israel was about to enter battle when King David issued this petition. It was the calm before the storm as warriors solemnly awaited the battle cry that would unleash the impending explosion of battle. As the soldiers pondered the possibility of death, I wonder what their “heart’s desire” could have been. Surely victory in battle. Certainly strength to handle whatever happened.

But the request also asks that our Lord “fulfill all your plans.” Is it possible that King David was thinking beyond the immediate conflict? As a battle tested veteran, was he sending his soldiers a message that God had plans for them which superseded this eminent conflict?

How about you? What kind of battle are you in? Are you so focused on the problem that you haven’t allowed yourself to see beyond it? If the Lord was to grant you your heart’s desire, what would that be?

“I just don’t feel like thinking beyond this crisis.” you may be thinking.

Fair enough. Being honest with your feelings is a good start. Perhaps being in a battle isn’t the most convenient time to be reflective. But I challenge you nevertheless to give it a try. David wasn’t simply using pop psychology to help his warriors create positive thoughts before the battle began. He was giving them hope and purpose.

Like these warriors of old, you too have a King. Your King has a plan for your life. He has planted dreams and desires in you. Even if disappointment and heartbreak have shattered those dreams, this King’s plans for you have not changed. Right now, in the midst of your battle, he is with you and asking you to consider your heart’s desire. He knows, more so than anyone who has ever lived, that the suffering today is worth the victories of tomorrow.

Jesus wants to grant you your heart’s desire and fulfill all of your plans. Let him.


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Jan September 11, 2009 at 9:15 pm

So true, Joe. It is never too late to pursue a dream.


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