7 Last Minute Tips for Black Friday Shoppers

by Joe Plemon on November 21, 2012

Black Friday, the crazy day where retailers tempt shoppers by slashing prices on selected items to nearly insane lows is nearly upon us.   If you are a Black Friday shopper, these tips should help you survive, or maybe even enjoy the crowds while you seek those bargains.

 1. No credit cards.

The perfect item at the perfect price is not perfect at all if you buy it on credit.  Use cash or debit card to prevent Black January when your credit card statements arrive.

2. Make a list and check it twice.

Your Christmas shopping list should include everyone you are buying for, what you plan to buy and how much your are going to spend.  Don’t let the Black Friday bargains dictate your purchases…a great deal on something not on your list is not a bargain.

3.  Take a nap.

Years ago, Black Friday specials started at 6:00 AM, but some venders are now opening their doors at 10 PM (or even earlier) on Thanksgiving evening, meaning you should prepare for an all nighter. Consider your nap a double treat: you probably need one anyway after stuffing yourself with Thanksgiving goodies and you need to be rested up for the adventure — bad pun alert — in store for you.

4.  Smile.

You will likely be stampeded with overly zealous shoppers and stand in long lines with grumblers, so decide here and now to be keep a cheerful disposition.  You just might be a light to someone who could use some cheer.

5. Check online.

Some stores offer their bargains online, so check ahead.  You may be able to get the deal without the hassle.

6. Prepare to be disappointed.

As you know, there are limited supplies of those half price 42” televisions.  Some will get one; most won’t.  Don’t let missing out spoil your outing.

7. Keep the Holiday in perspective.

Christmas is about the birth of Christ, not fighting crowds for bargains.

I hope you get some great bargains, but I hope even more that you will never lose sight of the true meaning of this season.





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Brick By Brick Investing | Marvin December 7, 2012 at 8:01 pm

Have you seen any of the Black Friday mob youtube videos? I like cyber Monday!


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